A How-To Guide for DIY Content Marketing

Strategy is easy. Content is hard. Marketers struggle to create impactful content over the long-term on small do-it-yourself budgets. Today, consumers spend nearly all their time digitally: watching videos, making videos, scrolling social, interacting with groups, looking at memes, listening to podcasts and learning in all new sorts of ways.

In this session, you’ll find a do-it-yourself playbook to make rapid and iterative experiments to create and distribute cross-platform multimedia content including long and short form video, voice, social, and email channels to reach your audience type. The playbook is market and industry agnostic. It will enable you to set up the infrastructure and distribution to create and publish videos, audio formats and shareable memes and moments in a fast, ambitious, inexpensive and trial and error method of marketing.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify key roles and talents needed to create impactful content
  • Develop project planning and scheduling skills to implement your content marketing
  • Understand available audio/visual tools and creative and marketing software for editing and publishing
  • Understand the different content formats (long/short form video, voice, photo, text) and how to publish and market them on popular platforms