Cementing Brand Loyalty Through Social Community Building

In this session, Marina Filippelli, CEO of multi-segment agency Orci, will share why you should be emphasizing various segments in your creative approach now, while habits are changing and brand loyalty is up for grabs. She will explain why social community building is the best way forward for your brand and share best practices such as promoting content that’s thoughtful, segment-based, and culturally relevant. Marina will also detail tactics for becoming a champion of culture and share tips for inspiring connection in these times where social distancing is the norm—all while boosting brand advocacy for long-term impact.

After this session, you’ll be able:

  • Recognize the promising opportunities presented by these social distancing times, when consumers are craving connection and a stronger sense of community
  • Identify content that is appropriate, segment-based, and culturally relevant to connect with your target audiences
  •  Implement best practices in social community building to secure brand loyalty