Mind the Gap: 5 Key Take-Aways Digital Marketers Must Know from Microsoft’s 2020 Privacy Survey

It’s business as UNusal. Consumers are embracing new habits and behaviors, but are we as marketers adapting and doing the same? Are we seeking to understand our customers, who they are and what they value as we create digital experiences for them? In this session, Christi Olson of Microsoft will highlight five key take-aways and gaps discovered about consumer expectations around trust, data, privacy, and creating meaningful and valuable experiences.

After this session, you’ll be able:

  • Understand how data is the renewable energy fueling your search and digital marketing flywheel
  • Identify the intersection between trust, privacy and the consumer experience
  • Understand why 91% of consumers are concerned about the amount of data collected about them
  • Explain the true value of data and what consumers expect in return for sharing their data
  • Address the gap between consumer expectations around personalization
  • Prepare for a breach when it happens, not IF